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Sunday, 12 February 2012

A short interview with Jack Myers - A character that appears in Dark Mist and the upcoming novel The Sandman Never Sleeps both by SR Clowes.

SR Clowes Hi Jack, thank you for agreeing to this interview, I know how protective you are over your privacy.

Jack Myers Not a problem I’ll always make time for certain people.

SRC That’s good. Now tell me Jack what’s it like living in Toucan Bay?

JM It’s nice. Well very nice actually, you have everything you need, a store, library, bar,
Post office, pretty much all I need really.

SRC Correct me if I wrong…

JM Oh I will.

SRC Thanks. You have a house in the bay itself, is that right?

JM That is correct. However it’s not a house as such, its a large cabin on the shale. It’s one of five that are in the bay. Nice and private.

SRC Doesn’t it get lonely being detached from the rest of the town?

JM Not really. I mean the closest neighbour is only five minutes walk up the beach, but far enough so they don't call round every day.

SRC I see. So tell me about your career. You were a soldier in the eighties and nineties weren’t you?

JM Not only a soldier but a military doctor too, I worked on ‘special’ projects.

SRC Ah, interesting, tell me more about these ‘special’ projects.

JM Nope.

SRC Why?

JM Can’t

SRC Why?

JM Classified.

SRC Oh right, if you told me you would have to kill me right?

JM Something like that.

SRC Fair enough. Can you tell me about your friend Detective Charles Markland?

JM I wouldn’t go that far.

SRC How do you mean?

JM Friend, he’s more of a, shall we say, acquaintance.

SRC Ok, tell me about your acquaintance with Detective Markland.

JM Nope.

SRC Why?

JM Can’t

SRC Why?

JM Classified. Only joking. He’s a cop what else is there to say really.

SRC Have you spoken to him recently?

JM Yeah, he swung by the other day with Abe.

SRC Who?

JM Abe, Abel Masters.

SRC Another acquaintance?

JM No he’s a friend, we go way back.

SRC To your time in the military?

JM Can’t say.

SRC Why? Oh let me guess classified right?

JM Nope. Can’t remember.

SRC So the cop, was it a social visit or something a bit more juicy.

JM Juicy. He was looking for some info on the recent murders that have been happening over in the city.

SRC Why would he come to you, are you a suspect?

JM Doubt it I rarely leave Toucan Bay.

SRC So…?

JM So what? Oh yes, sorry erm… He just thought I might have an insight into the type of person who was committing the murders.

SRC And did you?

JM Yes. But I can’t tell you. You would have to speak with him about that. Now if you don’t mind I’m late for an urgent appointment.

SRC Something classified?

JM Not at all, my library books are due to be returned and I don’t want a fine.

SRC No problem. Well thanks again for your time Jack take care.

JM Thank you, you too.

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